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The A Squared Media team utilizes e-mail and slack for communication with clients:


E-MAIL: Used for formal messages

  • Invoicing

  • contractual questions

SLACK: Used for day-to-day operations.

  • Production scheduling,

  • video revisions

  • general questions

Watch the video below for a Slack Walkthrough:


The A Squared Media utilizes CALENDLY to schedule all of our productions and meetings with our clients.


No more countless back and fourth messages trying to figure out a schedule that works for everyone.

CALENDLY will let you choose a time that works for you based on our availability and automatically blocks our calendar.

Watch the video below for a CALENDLY Walkthrough:


Organization is vital for us to be able to successfully create high quality videos on a consistent basis that make sense for your business.


NOTION is the tool that the A Squared Media team uses to stay organized from Pre-Production all the way to Publishing of your content.

We give you access to
NOTION in order for you to stay in the loop by knowing the status of each video and much more. 

Watch the video below for a NOTION Walkthrough:


We strive to make the process of creating high quality videos that make sense for your business as easy as possible.

download.png allows you to give detailed feedback on all the videos that we create for your business. 

Watch the video below for a FRAME.IO Walkthrough:



We deliver and store all of the videos that our team creates for your business on Google Drive.

Watch the video below for a GOOGLE DRIVE Walkthrough:




At A Squared Media we approach the process of creating videos that make sense for your business as a 5 step cycle:

PLANNING: Create a quarterly video marketing strategy and meet monthly to review the plan.

PRE-PRODUCTION: Plan for the videos that will be produced.

PRODUCTION: Produce the videos that were planned for.

POST-PRODUCTION: Edit the videos that were produced.

PUBLISHING: Post the videos in the best platform to reach the right audience.


The PLANNING phase is the first step in our 5 step video creation cycle and is vital for our team to consistently create videos that make sense for your business. During this phase you can expect the following:

QUATERLY STRATEGY MEETINGS: We take an hour to go over everything that will be happening in your business in the current quarter. We brainstorm possible videos, block off our calendar for tentative productions, and create the video marketing strategy for the next three months.

NOTION CONTENT HUB: After every Quarterly strategy meeting we populate and update your business' content hub on notion. There you will find the plan and important information for every video that we will be producing, editing, and publishing in that quarter.

MONTHLY MEETINGS: We will meet with you in the beginning of every month to hear your feedback on our work, make small adjustments to the quarterly plan, and plan for the next production. These meetings are vital for the implementation of our quarterly video marketing plan.


The PRE-PRODUCTION phase is where the strategy begins to be put into action. It's important that everyone is on the same page, so preparing prior to every production is a necessary step to ensure that the production is a success. This phase includes:

VIDEO OUTLINE: A week prior to every production, we send out an outline of the video that will be produced. This outline contains a framework to help you plan and prepare what you will say and/or do during the day of the production.


PRODUCTION day is finally here! It's time to put the quarterly strategy and the plan for the video in action. During the production day you can expect the following:

PRODUCTION PREP: Before beginning the production, our team will take a walk around the space to plan the blocking. We will also hook up the lav mic to the presenter and go over the video outline with them.

PRODUCTION: For most productions there will be a two person crew on site. The camera operator will be in charge of making sure that video looks the best it can. The director will be focused on directing you throughout the shoot and ensuring that we're covering what needs to be covered for the video. Most productions take on average 2 hours.


The POST-PRODUCTION phase is where the magic happens. Our post-production team will work to ensure that your business is represented the best way possible throughout the video. This means removing mistakes, "ums" and "ahs", and creating custom graphics that seamlessly integrates to your business' branding. During this phase you can expect the following:

ROUGH CUT: Within 2-4 weeks of the production, one of our editors will send you the rough cut of the video that was produced. You will first receive the 2 minute version of the video and then the one minute version of it. You will write all your feedback on the video that will be shared via a link that the editor will send you. We ask that you review the video within 24 hours of being delivered.

FINAL CUT: Once you have shared your feedback on the rough cut, the editor will begin to finalize the video. Color correction, audio mixing and graphics are a few of the things that only happen after the rough cut is reviewed by you. Once the final cut is locked (completed), our editor will upload the final video to the COMPLETED folder on Google Drive.


Now that the video has been approved by you, it's time to PUBLISH the video. In order for the video to achieve it's goal, reach the right audience, and be successful we need to make sure that it is published to the correct platform. During this phase you can expect the following:

SOCIAL MEDIA: Depending on the package that you have chosen, we will either teach you how to best post the video, or post it for you in the desired social media platforms. Since each social media platform has it's own video requirements, attention to detail is very important during this step.

YOUTUBE: Depending on the package that you have chosen, we will upload the video to YouTube, create a custom thumbnail, title, description, and SEO.

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